Big Pine Key fly fishing Bahai Honda bridge for tarpon

Big Pine Key Fly Fishing Guide


Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys offer endless fly fishing opportunities. Big Pine Key fly fishing is famous in the tarpon fishing world, and for good reason. The back country of the Lower Keys is an area of deeper basins surrounded by shallow flats. These areas attract tarpon year round, but particularly in the Spring. Vast numbers of tarpon lay up here awaiting the annual migration. One area known as Loggerhead has been the stomping ground of Stu Apte, Steve Huff and many other legends of our sport.


The oceanside fly fishing for tarpon in Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys is incredible. Every year from May through July the tarpon train rolls along the beaches of our area. Visually stunning flats hold large numbers of migrating tarpon as well as some monster permit. Opportunities to see thousands of tarpon in a day are possible this time of year.

Fly Fishing Big Pine Key During The Palolo Worm Hatch


An amazing event happens every year around the new and full moons in May and June. There is a hatch of coral worms that drive tarpon insane! The palolo worm hatch is something all fly fishermen should see at least once in their lives. Millions upon millions of the 3 inch long worms streak across the surface and the tarpon lose all caution and feed like crazy. Hundreds of tarpon will be crashing these worms and the fly fishing is epic. If you want to book a trip Big Pine Key fly fishing the worm hatch, book ahead. These dates go extremely quick.

 Big Pine Key Fly Fishing For Permit And Bonefish


The fly fishing for permit and bonefish is great as well. A few years back a 51 lb permit was caught on fly near Big Pine Keys. The proximity to the Gulf edge as well as oceanside flats make the Lower Keys an incredible place to chase permit on fly. On many days we will see hundreds of permit over the course of a trip. These fish are never easy to catch, but having numbers stacked in your favor certainly helps. I feel proud to call this place home and to be one of the guys pushing the envelope when it comes to pursuing permit on the fly.


Big Pine Key fly fishing for bonefish is very good in the spring, summer, and fall months. There are some really nice bonefish in the Lower Keys and the population is on the rise. With a nice mixture of turtle grass and sand, the habitat here is ideal for fly fishing for bonefish. The Sugarloaf Key area is one of my favorites due to the nature of the flats.


When you are fly fishing Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys the options are mindboggling. There is so much back country here you could spend a lifetime learning it all. After you visit you will see why Big Pine Key is legendary in the fly fishing world.

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