Key West fly fishing guide for tarpon

Key West Fly Fishing Guides


At the end of the road is a magical place known as Key West. When you hear Key West fly fishing you think of permit, and lots of them. Fly fishing for permit was really developed in Key West, and we are striving to perfect it to this day. The flats around Key West and their proximity to Key West harbor make it a permit paradise. You could fish for a week and never leave sight of the cruise ships. The coolest thing to me is how often the permit tail here. There are vast expanses of turtle grass that stretch for miles, and the permit love them. Right at daybreak you can look across a flat and see dozens of tailing permit sometimes. A breathtaking sight to say the least.

Fly Fishing Key West For Tarpon


The basins and flats around Key West offer great tarpon fishing¬†year round. There are a ton of resident tarpon so you can target them year round. In the spring large schools fill up the back country and it can be incredible. Key West fly fishing also puts you within striking distance of the Marquesas Keys. The maze of channels and flats around here really make it tarpon town. If you want variety Key West is where it’s at. From oceanside migratory tarpon to laid up back country basins this area has it all!

Key West Fly Fishing For Permit


Much of what we know about catching permit on fly was learned in the Key West area. Permit fishing really is the crown jewel of this fishery. The population is on the rise and the habitat is perfect for the black tailed devil. In my opinion it is the best place to fly fish for permit. The fish abound and are big in the Key West area. Permit fishing here will make you a better fly fisherman faster than anywhere else. Any given day of the year holds potential and some days are just pure magic. Click here for detailed information on Key West fly fishing for permit.


For more information on lodging and dining in the Key West area click the link. Key West is only a 30 minute drive from Big Pine Key if you are lodging there.